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preventing reply to personal conversations


Well-known member
I have a member who is now being moderated. As part of that I also need to restrict PM access. I can stop him creating a new conversation, but how do I stop him from contacting others using the reply mechanism to convos he has already made?


Well-known member
Find function _assertCanReplyToConversation in library/XenForo/ControllerPublic/Conversation.php, replace
        if (!$this->_getConversationModel()->canReplyToConversation($conversation, $errorPhraseKey))
        $model = $this->_getConversationModel();
        if (!$model->canReplyToConversation($conversation, $errorPhraseKey) || !$model->canStartConversations($errorPhraseKey))
or create simple add-on to override that function, which is a better solution.