Preventing Duplicate Accounts


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Can someone please verify/explain how the XF software prevents a person from signing up for multiple/duplicate accounts (either by accident or on purpose)?

  • I'm guessing the initial way XF prevents duplicate accounts is if someone try's to use the exact same username or email address.
  • Does XF check IP address's for duplicate accounts (if someone try's to register 2 or more accounts from the same IP address)?
  • If a person uses a VPN (which may "hide" their actual IP address)...any way to prevent these folks from registering multiple accounts?

Anything additional XF does to prevent duplicate/multiple accounts?
Are there any add-on products that can be installed to help against duplicate accounts?



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Thanks AndyB...will check it out.:)

Can anyone respond to the original question(s) please? Would like to know how things work with stock XF and preventing duplicate accounts...and how to prevent them (if possible).



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In my experience, standard Xenforo will flag a duplicate account if it matches another user profile that was a spammer or someone that was banned.

Andy's addon would have caught some of my problem-users, if I had it installed, but fixing that now ;)