Preventing Duplicate Accounts


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Can someone please verify/explain how the XF software prevents a person from signing up for multiple/duplicate accounts (either by accident or on purpose)?

  • I'm guessing the initial way XF prevents duplicate accounts is if someone try's to use the exact same username or email address.
  • Does XF check IP address's for duplicate accounts (if someone try's to register 2 or more accounts from the same IP address)?
  • If a person uses a VPN (which may "hide" their actual IP address)...any way to prevent these folks from registering multiple accounts?

Anything additional XF does to prevent duplicate/multiple accounts?
Are there any add-on products that can be installed to help against duplicate accounts?

Thanks AndyB...will check it out.:)

Can anyone respond to the original question(s) please? Would like to know how things work with stock XF and preventing duplicate accounts...and how to prevent them (if possible).

In my experience, standard Xenforo will flag a duplicate account if it matches another user profile that was a spammer or someone that was banned.

Andy's addon would have caught some of my problem-users, if I had it installed, but fixing that now ;)
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