XF 1.2 Prevent videos/Etc. media from loading automatically?

How would one prevent videos or etc. embedded media from loading automatically? I'd like to let people embed more stuff but it tends to slow page loading down with the way XF normally loads them. I'd like to try something like what bungie.net has to prevent media from loading, but I'm not sure of the method for doing it inside XenForo.


http://www.bungie.net/7_Favourite-M...st?id=62380672#referred-Community (Community)

I suppose you might call it a "media gate"? Basically it occurs on all media embedded on a page and stops them from loading until the user gets to it and opens the gate to load it then.


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I'm not sure what is you're after exactly.

Do you want to disable automatic embedding? If so, that's an ACP option.

Otherwise, it just looks like they are using some sort of spoiler action for videos.
That will require a custom add-on, I don't believe I have seen anything like that already.
Mostly the spoiler thing. Though I've tried a few already and they all load anyway, despite that they're hidden. So there's something different about how that site loads them cause' you don't even see the video in the HTML until the gate is opened.
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