Pretty names and values in "User change log"

Pretty names and values in "User change log"


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Pretty names and values in "User change log" - User change log looks ugly? Let's bring it to life!

When you update any (even custom) column of User entity XenForo automatically adds a new entry to "User change log".

The only exception here is using fastUpdate() method. It directly updates the database without calling save() so any changes made that way will not appear in log.

Let's say you are writing an addon which adds some new columns to User entity (or UserPrivacy for example). Everything looks nice 🌻 and works perfectly 🌠 until one sunny day you decide...

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Also worth mentioning would be that you can add , 'changeLog' => false to the User entity definition you're adding if it's something like a counter or something else you don't want logged.

$structure->columns['dbtech_shop_item_count'] = ['type' => Entity::UINT, 'default' => 0, 'changeLog' => false];