Browser issue Pressing and holding the reaction trigger on Google app causes it to open in a new tab

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Not sure what/if anything can be done about it, I think it's just a "feature" of the Google app. Doesn't happen on Chrome or Safari though. We've had quite a few reports of this issue come in from users on various sites, so figured it was worth bringing up

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I think I was happier before I learned there was a strange little browser inside the Google App tbh.

But, alas, I don't think there's going to be much we can do. We have things in place to make the tap and hold gesture work which is why for other browsers it works fine. The default behaviour in Safari on iOS for links is to open a preview on a long press, and we suppress this for the reaction trigger. The Google app seems to be overriding this suppression so we're going to have to call this a browser issue unfortunately.
strange little browser inside the Google App
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