Premission integration for premium members on Vimeo


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Currently I'm developing a new end-user platform based on XenForo. My intention is to have two membership levels. One which is for registered users. They will get a standard baseline in terms of functionality. The other level is a premium membership that will have more functionality and more features that will benefit the end users.

What I want to achieve
On this platform I will for instance publish video material. The platform I intend to use for this purpose is Vimeo since I think they have a great product with many possibilities.

To give you an example I want to publish a longer article over the course of a few weeks. The article will be split up in smaller parts. With each article I want to publish a small part of a longer video that goes hand in hand with the longer article. The reason for splitting up the article is to better draw the members attention to the site and make them come back for more, since there are more parts to come.

For regular members the videos will be viewable as a new part of the article is released. For the premium members I want them to be able to view all video material as the first part of the article is published.

How can this be achieved
I have discovered that Vimeo has public APIs ( that can be used. Before a user can watch all video material on Vimeo I want to make a permission control in XenForo to make sure that the actual user is a premium member.

I'm willing to pay for an add-on like this since I think it has great potential towards a premium membership.


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Great add-on but it won't prevent certain members from viewing the actual movie at the source which in my case will be Vimeo, only hiding from being presented in the thread?