Lack of interest Prefixes Management

Enguerran A

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I'm updating my forums by adding a lot's of new prefixes and I think there is something you need to add to the prefixes groups.

When you click on a Prefixe, you are able to select the forum you want it to appears. I think we should be able to do the same for groups so that we don't have to do it 50 times or use your copy button. Copying prefixes options should be use to prefixes in a different group and only for them imo.


ps: I also would like you to have a look at my old post here, if you have time :) : I wanted to make a little up but I have seen it was forbiden. My forum looks like that : It's awful to make modifications :'(


I also vote for being able to apply the prefix group to a particular node, and therefore all records inside it also apply to that node. I also believe you need to be able to select multiple nodes to apply a prefix group to.

Other suggestions for Prefix Management:
  1. Ability to add multiple prefixes to prefix groups.
  2. Ability to re-order large numbers (or all) of prefixes within a group easier.
  3. Ability to order prefixes within a group with a click or two - Alphabetical, reverse alphabetical, numerical ascending, numerical descending.
  4. Ability to select single prefix and reorder by sending it to top or bottom, or just up or down the list. Multiple prefixes would be even better, but would have to maintain their current order within the selection.