Lack of interest Prefixes Displayed in order in menu (plain) and on site

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Would anyone else like this with their prefixes?

1. When user selects a prefix, they are now displayed in ABC order or order of most used.
2. When user selects a prefix, the prefixes are displayed in plain text. I like that I can see the nice version, but some of them don't appear very well due to color coordination issues.

3. An ability for forum admin to display all available prefixes for users to sort by. Sure, they can already see them next to the threads, but it may helpful to display them in some sort of menu for users - sorta like categories and how flarum looks - @Russ pointed out flarum to me the other day. I haven't heard of it until then, and there I was trying to find a way to display my prefixes to users.

4. This might be considered best for an addon, but if any XF staff like it, maybe we can implement it in a future release.
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I think this cool little addon might do some of what you're looking for, although maybe not integrated in main menu:

Although I'll admit these features would be great as part of the core.

Edit: Of course, though, don't forget that people can search by prefix, which really doesn't take much more effort. I only point this out because I have to confess that I myself sometimes forget about it. :)
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It's not that it takes much effort because WE know how to do it, but the first time user coming to your site probably won't know how to search or filter. Things that are put in front of them in a way that's easy to navigate and easy to use, without having to think much, are good to have.

That addon is pretty cool, although I've manually linked my prefixes in a sub navigation.

True, but a little teaching goes a long way. I recently put together for my site a little vid of me clicking about, showing people how to, amongst other things, search by prefixes, then tagged all the members to make sure they saw it. New members will see it too now that it's in the FAQ's. And you're right, it made some people aware of things they'd never copped on to, even after using XF for a couple years now. Sounds like you found your own solution, though, so whatever works.... (y)
I think about the new user who finds the site and how their experience is. It has to be a very easy to use experience if you want to retain new users.
I think this is a very good suggestion. I use that addon but this is one of those things that is of such benefit to useability it should be in the core.

I also think that it would be better that there is an obvious tag navigation menu, as opposed to having to educate users.

There's nothing appealing about drop down menus.

I prefer to list the prefixes across the top. It's easier to access. It looks nice if you have it styled well. It would work on mobile. Unless you have hundreds of prefixes, then a drop down just isn't needed when there's more appealing and easier to find options.

The average surfer isn't that brilliant, so how long do you think it would really take them to find a drop down menu that's most likely super tiny.

Not only that, but when this forum switched to it, I hated it.

The tabs were better, easier, more visible.
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