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XF team, please, create a poll regarding prefix position, could be moved to the end of text, at least in XFRM

point is: keywords really are matter, seo & traffic can be improved here by just moving prefix to the end, or add another extra new option to XF, may be suffix

I have a mobile phones discussion forum & have plenty of firmwares & schematic diagrams, after sorting my resources, having diff prefixes it looks ugly

if we could have option to move prefixes or suffixes to the end of text, all resources would look great alphabetically, also could improve seo, why?

there is huge difference between keywords

samsung firmware (90% user search like this)
firmware samsung (10% user search like this)



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75 and 76 millions of occurrence and the first page of results is very similar.
But if it matters to you, you can possibly modify the appropriate template to place the prefix after the title of the discussion.

in the thread_view template
<xf:h1>{{ prefix('thread', $thread) }}{$thread.title}</xf:h1>
and chage it to
<xf:h1>{$thread.title} {{ prefix('thread', $thread) }}</xf:h1>
My understanding is that prefixes aren't indexed so their position relative to the title shouldn't really matter, should it? Someone with more SEO experience than me will have to confirm. And in any case, @nicodak has shown you how to handle it with a template edit.

And those two searches should technically be identical since Google "AND"s keywords and only does a phrase search if the words are in "". Which @nicodak's post seems to confirm. Though I am also not the expert on that, either (the family expert on all things information retrieval is my wife, a retired information science professor).
in my case indexed. use seofrog & you will see how it really works

everyone knows James Bond

but who knows Bond James ?


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everyone knows James Bond

but who knows Bond James ?
Either way, you'll get results for agent 007 because Google treats them as separate words with a boolean AND between them, not as a phrase. If you put quotes around them, i.e.. "James Bond" or "Bond James", then it will do a phrase search and "Bond James" will indeed miss hits for "James Bond". But if you just search for the words, it does a keyword search so the order doesn't matter that much. So a search for Bond James gets hits for James Bond, as you can see in my snip below.

Actually if I search for Tracy Perry or Perry Tracy the results were almost identical. Google default search uses an AND and not an OR search parameter when you input a search term unless you specifically use code to mandate that. So as far as Google (and most search engines) are concerned, they don't care which comes first or last... only that BOTH are included. If I search for simple, common words, then yes, it may return different results... ergo the ability to have a search engine search for specifically formatted words.
All that "matters" in what you reference is how it "makes it pretty" or "like I want it to look", as actual search engines don't really care about the positioning, only the terms used. Normally those that are telling you otherwise would like you to open your wallet for them to dip their fingers into.

Google doesn't really care if my topic is Camera ZWO ASI533MC Pro or if it's ZWO ASI533MC Pro Camera.
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My understanding is that prefixes aren't indexed so their position relative to the title shouldn't really matter,
This is my understanding also... they simply, for base searches unless you get into the "detail searching" as far as Google or any other search engine is concerned, it's the terms itself and inclusion... not where they are positioned... and apparently there are still many that don't really realize that.

If I go in and specifically tell the search engine (Google in this case) to search for the EXACT term ZWO ASI533MC Pro camera by manually inputting into the search box "ZWO ASI533MC Pro camera" instead of doing the normal ZWO ASI533MC Pro camera that 99.98% of society most likely will use. If I use camera ZWO ASI533MC Pro it would return almost exactly what the latter of the two in the above example will return similar since they are based upon the AND parameter. I will get the same (almost exactly) as the latter in the above comparison.
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The ONE place I could see this as being beneficial is with languages that go RtL instead of LtR. Proper positioning in that case would be at what us those that use LtR would consider the "wrong" end... so i think it would be nice to have that as an option if XF cannot detect whether the language is left to right or right to left and place it in the associated "right" spot. It would probably be best placed in a Style Property as that way you could target specific style for specific audiences.

Based upon that reason, I gave it a support vote.. NOT based upon any "improved SEO" possibility.
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