Lack of interest Prefix Weight


I performed a search to see if this had already been discussed in the way I'm imagining it, but I haven't found such.

I would like to see a prefix weight value be optional for assignment.
Essentially, I would like prefixes to have weights in regards to sorting, and I would additionally like to see forums have the ability to sort by prefix weight inclusive of normal sorting methods to complement this feature.

The best example may be priority. Let's say we have a forum where various tickets are submitted.
These tickets can have the prefixes: Low, Normal, High.

Low has a weight value of 3, Normal is 2, and High is 1.
We can now sort this forum by prefix weight, in addition to by last message or whatever sorting method you would like to use as you would with a forum.
High prefixes will always appear at the top, with the last responded thread appearing at the top.
Normal will appear beneath any High prefixed threads, if they exist, with the last responded thread appearing at the top, however still below High prefixed threads.
Low will appear beneath Normal and High prefixed threads, yet still sorted by last response.

In a sense, these prefixes then become forum "categories" that are weighted by values.
Feedback appreciated.