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Prefix Expiry 1.0.0

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This is exactly what I was needing.

I'm not seeing an option to use this when creating a thread so must be missing something.
This would be even more handy if you could define the last reply time to apply a new prefix. Kind of like a support ticket that hasn't had a reply in say 3 days, apply defined prefix.
Hey Liam,

Getting a lot of errors such as:
ErrorException: Undefined index: expiry_prefix_id - library/LiamW/PrefixExpiry/Deferred/ExpirePrefixes.php:41

Any ideas? Thanks.
@Liam W is this addon still supported?
I need Prefix Expiry functionality but it needs to work like this:
  1. Admin tickbox option in the prefix edit page to allow the thread starter to specify the expiry date (instead of the number of hours)
  2. If the above is checked, an additional admin option to specify where in the new thread form that the date picker is located: 1. Below the title or 2. Below the tags.
  3. When creating or editing a thread with the appropriate prefix and with the expiry date option set, show a date field (with date picker functionality) in the location of the form specified by the option (2) above. The default text in the date is set by a phrase, default being Set expiry date. Picking a date is optional.
  4. The text accompanying the date field will be a phrase which includes the title of the prefix. E.g. If you know when the [Prefix] expires, select the date of the last day. The prefix will automatically expire after this date.
  5. When the thread is created, the expiry date is added using a phrase to the bottom of the first post using a phrase e.g. Expires end of [expiry date] with the date using the default date format.
  6. Need a cron to run at midnight which expires threads with the expiring prefixes. Note that the prefix expires after 23:59:59 of the expiry date. For each qualifying thread, it will either remove the prefix or change it to a different prefix according to the admin options.
I'm guessing that we'd a new field in the thread table? Prefix expiry date? Or preferably do it with a separate table, although a separate table will need to be processed if threads are edited/deleted.
We'd also need a batch routine to update threads when prefixes are edited/deleted.

Are you interested in adding this functionality and if so what would the cost be? Do you like the specification? Do you think it could be improved?
This add-on was causing errors last time I used it. Anyone else having success with it?

I'd be happy for certain prefixes to have predetermined days before switching to another or simply going away. We do a lot of stuff like "Breaking News" which isn't breaking two days later. I have to go in manually and delete.
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