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Greeting All,

Anyone know where to fix background color and CSS block in this screen ?


Found those line in inline_mod.css

    background: rgb(150,150,150) url('@imagePath/xenforo/gradients/thread-modctrls-30px-dark.png') repeat-x top;
    color: white;
    font-size: 11px;

tried to change background-color:black for ex, nothing happens

Thank you

That is correct class name and correct css template.

The only problem with your code is you are using rgb() color value. IE8 doesn't support it. So if you are using IE8 you won't see it.

If that's not the problem, probably you are ether editing wrong style or forgot to refresh css or value is overwritten by another css rule. Check that block's background with your browser's developer tools to see what rules apply to it.
Hello Arty,

Thank you for your answer
I setup the Addon Prefix Thread to display Prefix in list in the thread.
After removal, the quick edition box was messed up.
I am running FF, and used the Examine dev tool to check the class :

.inlineCtrlGroup {
    color: black;
    font-size: 11px;
    background: url("styles/flexile/xenforo/gradients/thread-modctrls-30px-dark.png") repeat-x scroll center top rgb(150, 150, 150);

I made a search in templates for inlineCtrlGroup and found 3 files :

I changed the font-size and color : modification went ok
But there is no way to change background color.
Right click somewhere in inline mod block, select "inspect element". In DOM tree move to div.inlineCtrlGroup, on right you'll see list of rules that are applied to that element.
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