Powerful dedicated server. Which company is the best one?


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Hello everybody,

I have been hosting many customer websites in different Hostgator dedicate servers and I think is the best hosting company, the main problem is that they dont have more powerful servers so I need to look for another company.

In many threads I see many recomendations about liquidweb, but Im not sure if they give the type of support I need.
I can manage servers with cpanel but I need support in case of any special configuration through ssh.

What company do you recommend that has more powerful dedicated servers than hostgator and with the same kind of support?


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I know LiquidWeb is indeed a good company - I've heard many recommendations for them and Web Hosting Talk even uses them for their setup.
Another good fully managed company to check out would be WiredTree. I've used a VPS from them and their support has always been good - I'd expect a dedicated server to have the same quality. I know that Softlayer is now also offering managed support, so that might be another one to check out. I've not read any reviews about their support, though. Hardware and network are great, of course.


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yes, but my main question is about how deep is the support. For example, can I install APC and ask them to optimize it without any charge?

Hostgator does that...and other hostings?


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urljet, expensive as all get out for dedicated, shared is 25 a month. I pay 109 a month for VPS, slick, support is great, pretty much real time by email or phone, never been down. shared is quick and ain't bloated by oversold, if you have the $$$, I would recommend jet very highly, get what you pay for. I have a vb and XF site running on jet, teamspeak as well, never had an issue with jet, other than those I created, lol,


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give this company a try. i am sure you will like them o_O . there live chat representative are always available. and they have 4 hours hardware replacement guarantee which i think is Unmatchable .