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To fight against a human spammer i have installed an addon from AndyB with the name

Moderate new members 1.4​

New posts from new members with less than 5 posts are set to "moderated";

Today a user has written, why his posts are not seen in the forum.
A check in phpMyAdmin shows me 46 posts from the last days with

message_state = moderated

but i dont have any information about these posts in the mod-queue.

Now my question: How it is possible that a post has message_state = moderated
and is not shown in the mod-queue?

Is there any other information, trigger, entry needed?


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ACP> Groups & permissions > Moderators >your username> Forum moderator permissions

  • View unapproved threads / posts ✔
  • Approve / unapprove threads / posts ✔
same for profile comments


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I am admin and have set everything to yes.
permissions[forum][viewModerated] = yes ...

My question is, if there is more data in tables, when a post is set to moderated than
message_state = moderated
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