Posting vBulletin 4 Security Flaws


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Why? You got something new that they haven't disclosed? :eek:

I don't know what the policy is here @ XenForo about discussing it publicly ... but could you let me know in private conversation what this new flaw is and what you know about it?


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Wouldn't it be better to let them know there if they don't? Seems pointless to post it here.


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Who's running vB4 here anyway? :p
Many people who haven't converted yet?

I don't see why you'd post vB4 security flaws; I don't see a reason to really discuss vB4 here in general. Everything that could be said has been said, and continuing to discuss it here would do nothing but make XF look badly.


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I don't think it makes sense to post that sort of stuff here personally.


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Surely if you know of an unpatched security flaw you should tell the developers at IB and let them check it out.
Posting details of a new security flaw in public is in my view very irresponsible.


Posting all their flaws here will just clutter this site. I don't think it's within the spirit of this community, as most vB news will just be negative anyway.