Fixed Posting [URL] BB code directly into Redactor doesn't work

Jon W

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Just been having a play here to try and replicate an issue I am having:

To give you some context, I am trying to add this code to all of my resources:

To reproduce:
  1. Create a new post with some text, a linked image, and then some more text.
  2. Edit the post and copy and paste the above code somewhere in the middle of the second lot of text and save.
    BUG: The first link seems to expand all the way down from the first image to the second image.
  3. Edit the post again.
    BUG: The second link now expands all the way from the second image to the bottom of the post.
It also does some other weird stuff like removing line spaces, changing the indentation of bullets, etc.

Needless to say, this has made adding the above code to my resources a little bit painful.


XenForo developer
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Not rolled out yet, but fixed now. This was really just triggering some clean up code because of an alt tag that looked like a BB code.