Posting Slowness

Hi folks...

About 2 hours ago something happened to my server. When you post of reply to messages it takes forever to post, and sometimes the post or reply posts 2 or 3 times.

My site is on its own server by itself. No shared hosting...

PHP is PHP 5.6 (using php-fpm)
Web server is Nginx.

No changes have been made to the server.

Loading things is fine but posting takes forever.

if I go in via ssh and type php -v it takes about 20 seconds to process it.

Nothing strange in the logs.

Any ideas what to look for?
I forgot I have a vbulletin site on that server as well and that one is running and posting fine, so starting to look like an Xenforo issue of some kind. :(


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It looks like a general server issue.

Even trying to load rgba.php took an age and that doesn't touch the database.

Repeated tests show it to be very sporadic and random - sometimes loading immediately, sometimes 10 or more seconds.

You may want to contact your host and ask them to investigate what happened 2 hours ago when the problem started.
There is no host, I am the host. Logs show nothing.

I did turn off all addons in the config.php and things worked fine... so I am guessing its an addon. But which one is the question and I haven't updated or added things in a few days.


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If disabling all add-ons resolves it then enabling them one at a time until the problem occurs again will identify which one it is.


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Your site is very fast for me. Did you change anything?

Was it actually a load ot I/O issue, or perhaps Sucuri just acting up?
I turned all the add ons off, and am working on turning them on one by one.

Did not seem to be an IO issue, as I was moving a 50 gig file around without issues. (First thought was one drive was going bad.)

Server load is at 0.23

Could be Sururi, it wouldn't the first time nor the last.

I thought maybe it was my CDN since the vbulletin site on the same server was working fine... so I turned off the CDN in Xenforo and it didn't help. Turned CDN back on but cleared the cash on the CDN. (I use MaxCDN.)


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So weird.

My first guess would have been I/O, but it sure doesn't sound like it. 2nd would have been the connection itself, and potentially packet loss, but I missed where you processing PHP locally, which would bypass all of that entirely.
Well turned them all off.. then turned them back on one by one...

Did a number of posts in different test threads before turning the next one on. and turned them all on and no sign of the issue now.

I am stumped but happy its working. :D