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Duplicate Posting on XenForo with macOS

Discussion in 'Resolved Bug Reports' started by ncbetz, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. ncbetz

    ncbetz Formerly Noah Betz

    Hello XF Community,

    So I was about to reply to the iOS 10 bug report, but realized I should just make a new thread. So, whenever I am on Safari for macOS (OS X), and make a post longer than the post box (so you have to scroll), if you try to highlight text, it takes you to the bottom to the site. It makes long posts impossible to create.

  2. DieselMinded

    DieselMinded Well-Known Member

    how about trying to highlight text? does it shoot you to the bottom too?
  3. ncbetz

    ncbetz Formerly Noah Betz

    Yes! That is the most annoying thing.
  4. DieselMinded

    DieselMinded Well-Known Member

    i thought it was just me!!
  5. ncbetz

    ncbetz Formerly Noah Betz

    That is what I was trying to describe in the original post. You helped me put it better.

    This guy experiences it also.
  6. ncbetz

    ncbetz Formerly Noah Betz

    Heh, just realized this thread is here. I did not find it when searching.

    Requesting Thread Lock.

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