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I know that one, but then the users have to buy the upgrade. Thats not what i'm searching for. It just after x posts they can post in node y.


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Just one question. If i set some promotions, are these valid only for new members, or is this for everybody when the cronjob runs. (i hope the last)


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Just another question. If i set the promotion, is the history from the users (a lot have more then x posts) counting for the promotion, or do they have to qualify again? And if a member has a promotion, is this gonna disapear when he dont make each day x posts? Thats not clear to me


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Existing content is counted, so anyone with more than x posts already will be promoted.

There is no criteria for x posts per day in the core software, that would need an add-on.


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Did all. What i dont understand...

I made the promotion about 3 oclock. I thought that the cronjob runs every hour. I have 9200 members and expected the most of them should be promoted. But just a few are promoted. SO i went to the cron entries, and did manuely run the cron job. Just one user is promoted , and 9145 users not.

I made the promotion as follows:

in the tab: Promotion Options


and then in the tab Apply This Promotion While...

promo 2.jpg

That's all. I thought that every user that has 20 posts or more (from the history untill now) should been promoted this way. Or am i doing something wrong.