XF 1.4 Poster does not have an edit button

I have a member on my forum who does not have an edit button. Everyone else does, but for whatever reason, that poster does not. Any thoughts on how to fix this problem?


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ACP > Users > Analyze Permissions > Global Permissions and check there they have the permission to edit or no time limit set.....or the node one might help, either way it should show there I believe.
Thanks, Zynephix. I've checked that user's permissions and they have the ability to edit with no time limit set. They have the same settings as all the other users who have an edit button. I also learned that the individual doesn't have the delete button either, so they're only able to report or reply as their options. Other thoughts?


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If the member in question does not have any custom permissions and is in the same user groups as other members who do have the edit and delete links, then I can't think of a reason why they do not.

It may be worth double checking with them that they are looking in the correct place for the links.
The member doesn't have any custom permissions and other users in the same group have those links. Not sure what is going on. I know the member is looking in the right place. They sent me a screen capture of it and they simply aren't there. Thanks for your help,Brogan.


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Try adding a custom permission for the member, saving, then remove the permission, and save again.

If there is any permission cache corription, that should resolve it.


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The only way we would be able to see what's going on is by logging in to the member's account directly.

If you obtain permission from them, please submit a ticket with their log in details, an administrator log in, and FTP details.