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XF 1.4 Postbit container and other styling issues.


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Kindly help me fixing out these issues.

1- Extend postbit container all the way to the end of the post/message.

2- get rid of text shadow/glow.

3- change text color of like/rating list and remove glow effect.

4- in the forum sidebar add-on (latest replies) as well as portal add-on, threads time/date, sidebar like recent status/ recent replies..etc color text is hardly visible. How do I change that.

Here are screenshots that explains it better.






Thank you in advance.


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Check this out for starters.


Otherwise I'd help but I'm on my mobile at this time
Thank you,

I managed to fix almost everything except two things:

1- Author block size seems to be fixed. Take a look at the pic #1 It should go with the end of the post regardless of post length, short or long.
2- Im not able to change text color for a specific block. See pic#4. When I change that it applies to every thing else.