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Here is a preview of [EAE Add-ons] Post Subject. Although this add-on's primary focus is to allow members to define a subject (introduction) for the post they are about to make, it can also be used to display a thread's title just above the message block within each post (except the first post of the thread). The latter will be useful to help keep members focused on the topic at hand as they read each reply, because as we know replies can drift off topic, causing a cascading effect.

Forums that allow Post Subjects must be set in Node options -> Advanced options. There are two options here: Allow post subject headings in this forum, and Require post subject headings in this forum. Both are not checked on install.

Example usage: writers can use the subject for chapters (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.). It can also be used to introduce the upcoming post, i.e: if you are writing up a How to create an Add-on thread, it can be used like this: for the first post, The basics in getting started, then the second post: Adding a listener, and etc.

Using a thread title in lieu of a post subject: the node must not allow a post subject, and the option in set-up -> options must be checked.

Post subject and thread title containers have their own style properties and can be styles however you see fit. See screen shots.


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I added a table of contents that is generated by the post subjects. Having the Table of contents button on thread view looks great IMHO, see screenshot. When you click one of the items in the table of contents it will take you to the post that has that subject heading. Pretty convenient, and forums dedicated to writing, role-playing, or how-to's, etc. should find it useful.

The issue is forum view page. I added an icon to represent the table of contents, and when you click it for each thread, the modal pops open and displays the table of contents, the thing is, I do not like how the icon looks with each thread (see the other SS). Maybe have it immediately to the right of the title? As text only? Not sure on where to place it...


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