XF 1.2 Post Sort Order


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Hello. I know that I can define an order for my nodes (as administrator)

But a user wants to order in ascending sort the posts into all the threads. I searched for the option but I can't find it.

Can, as user, choose the order of posts into the threads or in the whole forum?
Reordering posts within a thread is not possible.
Not possible, or not currently possible? In other words, is there some technical reason for why an extension could not implement this? I'm configuring xenForo to move to from vB shortly, and this is a feature that I would really need. My board has a "specialty" that we tend to recycle old threads, and so, some threads have been around for fifteen years (no kidding!) and have hundreds of pages of content. Hence it makes sense to have the most recent content accessible when a thread is opened as opposed to needing to always click on "last page".
Or, AFAIK on global basis, either (I'm talking about the descending chronological sorting of the posts in each thread; it's by default ascending, and there's currently no way to alter it). I'm going to need this in order to move my forum from vB to xF; everything else has been taken care of. So it's my intention to look into this really soon (over next couple of weeks). Initially a global admin setting, then a forum-by-forum admin setting, then allow user to override it. If I get ambitious, I may expand it from thread post-sorting to thread sorting as well (thus giving users the option to override).

But if someone else has something suitable available, please let me know (and save me the effort).