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Post reply speed


Active member
I've noticed that when replying to any thread on my forum, as an user, after pressing reply, it takes roughly around 2-3 seconds to be posted. On Xenforo (here), it's instant. My question is, what am i doing wrong? I'm on a powerful dedicated server and the only thing I didn't do so far is to implement a caching service on my forum. Also, the jquery files are set-up from Google..not locally. Can those 2 things be the reason for this?


Active member
well, i'm using google's smtp server and tbh, I don't know exactly how slow/fast it is compared to other smtp's..but i'm gonna do a test now to see if that's the fault


Well-known member
Hmmm, it looks like the queue() method as defined in XenForo_Mail is only a dummy method so far, and that xF attempts to send out mails to all subscriptions at once. Hope mail queuing is getting implemented in 1.2. :cool: