Post Pics or Vids of Your Workstation


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It is not what I plan for that I worry about.... It is the things I may not know to plan for that I worry about
I agree. The unexpected ain't always that bad though. I planned on seeing people's workstations. You know, desks and stuff. Maybe even a register. One thing that would be unexpected that I didn't plan on seeing is something random like someone's workstation being an actual stage. A stage with a disco ball, neon and blacklights... A fireman's pole that ain't used for responding to 911 calls.

Rack city, rack rack city byyytch.
Ten ten ten, twenties and them fifties byyytch.


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The narrow view of the vid makes it hard to focus on anything. It's like I'm being carried around in a box and given a quick show of some room.

LOL and the light made it hard to appreciate your station! Very clean from what I saw and easy access for a break ;)

Digital Doctor

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This is my typical setup.
All my PCs have 2 monitors ... well 3 if you include my Tablet PC which rarely leaves me.
The Portrait view of my Widescreen monitor is to allow easy viewing of documents (mostly PDF and Word).


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2012-10-12 12.28.15.jpg

My corner... errr I mean 'work'station

I should mention I have a huge ass Toshiba Satellite S8950 that I absolutely love. It's my portable desktop. Not pictured here because clearly no room but I'll use that simultaneously on a fold out table I have haha.

I also have a Dell Inspiron 1525 that I converted to ubuntu and upgraded with whatever could be upgraded. Runs like a champ but I don't expect it to do anything stupendous. I use the Dell set-up for typing up papers and easier portable laptop.

And just behind the curtain is another tower but not complete yet :\ plan on using it as a server.

I've considered a 2nd monitor for some time now and will probably upgrade my station after Christmas :)