XF 1.5 Post not updated in front-end


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Seems to be weird caching issue. I've updated one of the post in database. And I've also disabled caching in config.php file.

$config['cache']['enabled'] = false;

Still, it's showing old post in the front-end.

Any clues?


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How to rebuild cache for any specific post, I've 10 millions post in xf_post table. So, if I rebuild it from the back-end it would take too long time I believe.


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Any clues?

I think the issue is with this setting:

Admin Control Panel -> Options -> Performance -> Cache BB Code output

I have not seen any value in using "Cache BB Code output" and have it unchecked on my forum. You can also empty the table that holds the cached data.

1) Uncheck Cache BB Code output.
2) Using phpMyAdmin empty the xf_bb_code_parse_cache table.

Once you have done this, you will see that editing the xf_post.message can be done on the back end and when you reload the page in the front end the post will show the changes you made in the back end.