Add-on Post New Thread Optional Popup


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I've been looking for a simple solution to feature but nothing jumps right out at me. Initially, this seemed like it would be a simple thing. o_O

What I'm looking for is a SELECTABLE add-on that would enable an admin to choose whether a pop-up would appear in a forum when the, "Post New Thread" button is selected.

This would be used for forums that might require a little more than the usual explanation. We have several forums where individuals post the wrong materials/questions. They didn't bother reading the READ ME FIRST thread before posting.

So for those forums, I'd like to have the option of a pop-up appearing each time someone creates a thread. That pop-up will contain a brief description of what is required for that forum. They hit the knowledge button and press on with pride.

There may be a simpler solution than an entire add-on but the part that escapes me is that ability to designate some and not ALL forums and customize the message for each selected forum.

Thanks. :)