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Lack of interest Post New Thread Button & Functionality

Please like this post if would like to see this either in the base code or as an add-on.

While we are experienced with communities and how they work, a lot of new members are new to communities but have been on Facebook. Frequently, I receive emails from the contact us page, expressing confusion about how to create a post, which they have generally figured out by the time I reply.

Still, I gave this some thought and I can think of a lot of benefits from featuring a 'Post New Thread' button on the Forums index page (or on other pages we develop) that would include some functionality to define the forum that the thread creator would want the post to be in.

Even if someone is w/in a forum, this functionality could at least give them a chance to think about where the post may appear before posting it, eliminating the need for the mod team to move the post later after the OP discovers he posted in the wrong forum.

The overall goal would be to make the community experience easier for first timers and members who act before they think about taking that action.

Please like this post if would like to see this either in the base code or as an add-on.


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Add a "Post New Thread"-button onto the Forum-Homepage:



I see that people who are quite noobs to Forums, have no idea of how to post a new thread.... which is the reason they are just posting a "status update" and then wander off from the website.

I really think putting the "Post New Thread"-button onto the Forum-Homepage would help a lot.

- visitors who are not logged-in and click onto this button will be forwarded to the Log-in/Register-page
- members who are already logged-in and click onto this button will see a drop-down-list (maybe in a pop-up-window, same as at the Resource-Manager) of the Forum-Nodes they might want to post into.

This is a simple implementation and the user-confusion would be quickly fixed :)

We do see a similar kind of feature already implemented for the "Download-Button" within the "Resource-Manager", so why not also do the same for the "Post New Thread"-button at Forums ?
- the Download-button is visible to not-logged-in visitors
- when not logged-in, you are being forwarded to the Log-in/Register-page