Lack of interest Post criteria in notices


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One of the things I really liked about the forum software I previously used was the ability to post notices on a variety of post criteria. One in particular I had a lot of success with, it helped turn lurkers in posters. Basically, it was the ability to post notices based on how many days it's been since the last post the user made.

I had it set so one notice would invite them to post if they hadn't posted in 30 days. Another would suggest again at 60 days, and at 90 days we would post a notice asking if there was anything we could do to improve that would make them consider posting (along with a link to our contact page so they could any suggestions).

I saw someone previously mention this as a possible enhancement, and it was closed for a lack of interest. Is there any chance it can be revisited?


Formerly ftsservice
Yes, thank you. I don't know how I missed it, I searched the heck out of the resources looking for something before asking.


Formerly ftsservice
Well, looks like it doesn't support the criteria I need. It has:

"User has posted at least X messages in Y days:"
I don't want to display this notice to people who have posted X posts in Y days. I want to display notices to people who haven't posted in X days.


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Create a user group promotion, putting users who have posted 1 in the last 30 days into a 'Regulars' user group. Display notice to those not in the Regulars user group.