XF 1.1 Post Alignment

With Safari, Chrome & Firefox all posts align to the left but with IE it's centred.

Have I missed something or is there a way to make it left align in IE please?

Thank you :)
Hmmm not sure why as have Unregistered permissions set to Allow to View Thread but can't find option to Allow to view posts?


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I've checked the link above in Chrome, FF and IE and I don't see any problems.

Try clearing the cache in your IE browser as it must be a local issue.
Hmm ok interesting as it was doing it for both of us Admins and we are in different states. Will try clearing and thank you for looking.
Ok clearing the cache did work thank you very much Brogan.

Don't suppose you have any ideas why the View Thread Content for Guests isn't working?
Well to be honest we didn't want posts to be able to viewed for unregistered on any part of the forum, even though I know it's set for Allow but realised again now it wasn't working.