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Possible move of very large VB3.8 community

I've been running on VB 3.x for quite some time with my community (2007, originally on 3.5) and am considering a move to either IPB or XenForo.

There were a number of difficulties with vb 3.x, mostly considering the size of the posts database (677K thread, 26M posts).

How does XenForo's search system (and system in general) hold up to a posts database of this size? I was able to integrate Sphinx because anything else was unmanageable. Is there a possibility of a Sphinx backend?


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I think Elasticsearch will do the job - the main thing is to have enough RAM to service it and all the other stuff, but RAM is cheap......

DP has a db of similar size:

I'm not a server expert, but I would consider two dedicated servers - one for mysql and one for everything else - for such a community. Then again, some single servers are so multi-threaded and speedy that it might be possible on one.

I think your traffic is every bit as important as your size.
Thanks for your advice.

I already have two dedicated servers in the manner you've described, both are E3-1230v2, 16GB RAM. The webserver is nginx/php-fpm and filesystem resides on 7200RPM in RAID-1. On the mySQL server, OS runs on 7200RPM in RAID1, but database is housed on 120GB SSD in RAID1.