XF 2.2 Possible editor bug


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Not posted in bugs yet, but, what would cause this?

On an android phone when replying in the editor, type a word, and hit enter. The cursor does not jump to the next line it sticks there and every time you press enter the lines break underneath it. So the editor grows vertically. You cannot break to the next line with the cursor to type, unless, there is a space after the last letter and then you press enter.
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Pixel 5, Chrome, same version as above.

Googled the same issue but no fix. As noted here, I can line break after punctuation (or a space).


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I can confirm this issue on PC, but only when i insert any image. Any browser (Firefox, Chrome) with latest versions.
This started since XF 2.2, on 2.1 i don't remember something like this.