Populating a database for development?

Hi, I'm looking to load test xenForo and do some development too, unfortunately I don't have an active forum to use the data of to test with, so I'm looking for the best strategy for populating a xenForo database for development. Are there any accepted methods for doing this, or even published database dumps with a few million posts? If not I'll write something using Faker, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a standard approach within the xenForo development community.

Thank you!


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I think most people here just let the spam bots do it lol. I don't know if there's another approach to populating data except letting spam bots do their thing. To my knowledge, there isn't a build in option for this, and no development add-on either. If you wanted to make something using Faker, I'm sure people would love you to upload that on the resources here. Maybe not packing in with a few million posts though :p (an option?)