Fixed Poll settings (among others) not restored from saved draft


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When a new thread is saved as a draft, all data including information related to a poll (question, answer, options) is saved within that draft (in the xf_draft.extra_data column). However, when the thread is continued, the poll information is not populated.

The revelant code is inside XenForo_ControllerPublic_Forum->actionCreateThread(). The information from extra_data is parsed, but only for thread title, prefix and attachments.

So in fact, not only is a poll not restored from the draft, but so is not other information from the extra_data column, including thread status (open, sticky) and watch options.
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This has been changed in 1.4.3 so that the content of the poll is restored from the draft. We're putting the most focus on restoring actual content from the draft so individual settings for polls and other things are still not restored.