XF 1.5 Poll creation and edit dialogues didn't upgrade?


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I upgraded to 1.5.14 a while ago but didn't realize my polls weren't working. When I go to vote on a poll I get the please select at least one option error. I had a xenplaza add-on installed that allowed for multiple selections. The add-on was disabled and today it was uninstalled. This changed the situation from a bunch of errors and not being able to post a poll at all, to the current situation.
Upon further investigation I realized that another forum of mine has the updated dialogue but the forum that throws the error does not (see screenshot below)
Screenshot from 2017-09-17 20-12-11.pngScreenshot from 2017-09-17 20-02-57.png

I've done a file health check and everything comes back OK. I rebuilt master data - no change. What gives? Thanks in advance!
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