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Poke by Waindigo [Deleted]

Jon W

Well-known member
Waindigo submitted a new resource:

Poke by Waindigo - A very simple poke add-on to allow your users to poke each other.


This add-on adds a poke link to user's profiles to allow users to poke each other.

A poked user will receive an alert and will only be able to be poked once by each other user until they have accepted their pokes by visiting their own profile and confirming.

  • Upload contents of upload folder to root directory, overwriting any existing files.
  • Install addon-Waindigo_Poke.xml file.
Licence and support:...
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Jon W

Well-known member
Would it be possible to have them poke you back before you can poke them again? Much like how facebook does it?
Everything is possible. If you're interested in contributing towards this, please let me know by PM and I will provide you with an estimate.

Jon W

Well-known member
Is it possible to add permissions for poking? Also, is it possible to add permission to a max amount of people you can poke at the same time?
Great suggestions.

As mentioned above, we ask members to contribute towards features. Please do PM me if you are interested in doing so.

Jon W

Well-known member
Why isn't the poke link in the member card?
I guess the original requirements for this add-on didn't specify that -- you would possibly know more about that than me.

Should be easy enough to add to your member card with a template edit. See the template waindigo_poke_link_poke for inspiration.
Another great addon! But could you add a feature where we could poke each other with images?
I like this ideal
You add poke each with images.Why Not??I read your answer,but that addon(Poke forum members) is not cheap.We don't cost many money.We like addon Free as your addons
If you can add poke with images,Many people will like and use it
Xenforo need Gift sharing addon.I hope,You can deverlop it in next time.
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Jon W

Well-known member
Sorry. I misunderstood your post. Our add-ons are not free. They are supported by commercial sites and financial contributions. Non-commercial sites are also encouraged to donate to the Waindigo Foundation charity.