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I have always loved poetry although I'm not very good at creating my own. Thought it might be fun to see what others have or would like to share. This is one a dear friend wrote for me over 20 years ago:


Pinstripes and pink,
Blue eyes and charm,
Oceans of emotions, icy warm.

Yours is the courage of a knight,
Against your dragons of white,
Tell me, how painful is your night?

Do they play upon your fears?
Do they caress your ears?
Can you see yourself down the years?
Through eyes filled with tears.

The road is long,
The dream is strong,
Someday, dragons be gone!


Formerly CyclingTribe
I am a geek,
unique and sleek,
I talk in a language,
that to others is Greek!

I try to be Pee-cee,
when using my PC,
but that's not always easy,
when shooting the breezy!

I get calls from the family,
for technical catastophies,
and end all my poetry lines,
with unecessary apostrophes exclamation marks!

Ta da ... :D