Please unban my IP!


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I cant browse to anymore, with my Providers IP. There is only a DNS Error/Server not found. I am using a Netherlands VPN now. But yesterday everything was ok. So please check if my IP is banned, you must see my IP in the Logs & History. Its a IP from Austria - Provider is:

Many Thx.


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That's not a banned IP. That's a routing issue. Nothing that we can really do about it unfortunately.


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Yes it is a routing issue as I have the same thing. I now cannot get this site if I connect using my ADSL in Router Mode and have to revert each time to Bridge Mode to connect :(

It is only a pain doing it this way :confused:

Liam W

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I had that issue a while ago - the site just wouldn't load.

Mike told me the same thing.

Thankfully, it did fix itself after a while.


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I've been having the same issue for the last three weeks, I'm located in Costa Rica. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


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I have two different ISP accounts and with the one I cannot connect at all most of the time. I have now changed to my second one and it now works great. The funny thing is this is the only web site I am having the issue with. So the question here is what is it that is causing this with us in different countries only on this site!