Please take a look at the IAM Konki forums


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Maybe the red is a little tough, but the design is amazing. Love what you did with XF. Custom elements, fonts etc. Really really good job.

Robert F Schmitz

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At first I didn't recognize it as xenforo based which is a testament to your skills. The red is a bit bright for my eyes but the layout is comfortable and inviting.

Digital Doctor

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Ive tried your site on 2 computers previously, and things loaded quite slowly.

I tried a third PC.
I timed it. It took 8-9 seconds to render the home page - during which it is totally blank.


Nicely done! really liked the use of colors, navigation and forum category list on top. Was this an add-on? or you created the category list design as a mod yourself? if you can share how to do this, it'll be a big help for me...i have a long list of forums too :)

Digital Doctor

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still takes too long to load this page.
even loading the logo first.

and then get everything else done will help.
showing a "loading" icon might help as well.