Lack of interest Please show IP on Profile Page

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If a member posts something that looks like spam on your forums, it helps to check their IP for context - not least to see if it is assigned to a country where spam has been a problem.

To do that is easy:

1. Click on the IP link in their posts - there's the information

BUT if someone has recently joined but not posted, and you suspect them of being a spammer, it takes far longer to get to that information.

1. Click on member name, which brings up the member card
2. Click on profile page, to be taken to their profile page
3. Click/hover on Moderator Tools
4. Click on edit
5. Type in your password
6. Click on IP addresses
7. Click on the IP link provided - there's the information

Notice how it takes 7 steps instead of just 1?

I would love it if IP's were displayed on member Profile Pages for admins to see, to help make this whole process a lot easier!
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