Fixed  Please make user interface consistent across all parts of the forum

I think the consistency of the UI is an important thing. User should expect a basic piece of UI to be the same in all parts of the forum. Now there is one thing in XenForo which is handled differently in the various places: the thread list.

I already reported that the thread list in the Watched Threads page and in the search results page miss the pagenav bits, meaning there is no way to tell how many pages is in the thread just by hovering over it. The explanation was that "it was intentionally removed, as the expectation is that on that page, people will want to go to where they were in the thread (which is what the title does)." I'm sorry, but please allow the users decide where they want to go in the thread! What if I want to skip straight to the last page of some long thread?

Another example of it is the missing thread status indicators (locked, sticky, etc) in the watched thread list. And now the finally implemented thread preview popup is again missing from the same place. The rationale is "if you're watching a thread, you must have already seen the first post, so the preview would be redundant". First of all, if I'm watching a thread, it doesn't mean I've read its first post - I may have started from the last page! And even if I've seen the first post, but it was an year ago and the thread has been bumped just now? I want to be able to tell what's that old thread is about!

Please, please make the thread list features consistent everwhere! There is really no need to dumb it down in some places!

Thanks for reading.