Please advise with regards to existing website

we have an existing website (wordpress based) and within this website we have a page called Forum (plugin from bublaa).
We would like to change to xenForo, can you please let us know if it's possible to run xenForo within our existing website ?
Thanks a lot



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The pre-sales FAQ in my signature lists all of the currently available importers.

For any software not listed, you would need a custom import solution.


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If you want to retain your existing content using the bublaa plugin, you will need to import it.

We don't have an import solution for bublaa.

You can of course continue to use WP and have XenForo as a forum.
There are various bridges available as third party add-ons, available here:

A lot of people however tend to ditch WP and just go with an all XenForo solution.
Thanks Brogan ... it's not necessary to import

we still would like to go with WP, but use XenForo on the Forum ... having just "user" knowledge, it however seems difficult to get it started ... is there any installation services provided by you or someone else ?