(please)Add proper links to lightbox sidebar!


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ive just noticed another thorn in my side now which makes no sense to me about the new "improves"...

i was liking the sidebar thing, but now noticing this i had to disable it :(

here is a link where i made a "gallery embed" using the editor tool.

if we click that, we get the proper links box in the share section.

lovely....now what happens if we click the image anywhere else in gallery? user section, main page etc......something not as good!


nice big empty white space and no links!!!!!

whyyyyyyyyy..........i mean, you are just tormenting us on this point arent you, LOL, i cant imagine any reason to want to hide those very useful infos..........esp when the gallery insert tool itself leaves so much to desire...

is it possible we can get an option here or something? its moving forward but moving back whew.

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