As designed No option to reply to comments in lightbox sidebar

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or as intended, but there doesn't appear to be an option to reply to comments in the sidebar of the new 2.2 lightbox. The only option appears to be writing a new comment and tagging the original commenter.

The reply option is present in the media view, just not in the lightbox.

Nested comment replies would also be very helpful.

Chris D

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I'm going to call his mostly "as designed" at this moment in time.

The commenting experience in the lightbox is deliberately simplified due to space constraints. From a technical point of view because we use deferred loading on the rich text editor for performance reasons there's actually no editor target for the reply to get inserted into. That's not insurmountable but it's more of a feature request at this point than a bug.

Same with nested replies.