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hello, i am not sure if this has officially been requested or discussed before but i feel this would be a very very good thing to improve.

we did discuss it a little here

i would like to hear an official reply tho and im sure some others are interested as well...

so yes, as we were saying there, it would be really great if xenforo copied more than one size thumbnail upon uploading and gave those options for embedding....e.g. small, medium, full

this will allow sites to leave original images 'unaltered', accessible by clicking thumbnail, while not negatively effecting page load and user experience.

click and drag resize functionality is great but you really cannot stretch a thumbnail very far before it distorts badly....

if you shrink a full sized image you can add quite a bit of page load size for essentially a slightly larger thumbnail....

or for full sized admins must choose between compressing and resizing large images into post, arguably ruining some professional photos....or else allowing open settings that put a heavy and unnecessary weight on page loading, which, for mobile users, limited data plans etc alone, is an unwelcome idea...not to mention potential serving lags...

i think it is one of like, less than 5 things vbulletin5 did right, the trend is being adopted more and more on sites like twitter as mentioned in the linked topic....

will xenforo work in options like this for image heavy sites? we too commonly getting disregarded, im hoping its not the case again here.......i will very much rather not employ a custom solution to something so core as this... however for things to function optimally and practically, in our view their is no other option really.....can it be in the core code?? please please begging on one knee lol...that will be my happy new year and birthday wish :D
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The simplest version of this would be adding another thumbnail size called "full-size" which lets you pick a reasonable view-port width image size with compression that still links to the original.

[thumbnail] [full-size] [original]

The more ambitious version of this is to provide dynamic-resizing functionality, where Xenforo scales/caches to a size determined arbitrarily.

that would eliminate the need to do a generate thumbnails script when sizes are changed.



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i suppose i picked the worst time possible to start this topic.....on a weekend right before the last version release...

i am still curious tho....if we have any chances of getting an improve like this for 2.2? or in general at all or what the sentiment is over there... @Chris D


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Suggestions are "generally" considered by the amount of likes he first post gets.

yeah i know ozzy, but its such a clear logic advancement im guessing its more likely there is a bug in the tagging or likes systems :p

post views scale the image down anyway, why not have a full size in post option instead of wasting all that bandwidth loading an image 10s of mb larger than it needs to be.....or else force resizing which some ppl def do not want for the original images....

hmm, maybe i started the topic bad or idk but i still dont see this as a problem thats casual for us to ignore :confused: