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cclaerhout submitted a new resource:

Picasa BBcode (version 1) - This addon will add a new [picasa] bbcode . It will display Picasa Slideshows or images

Picasa BBcode

Addon Presentation
This addon will add a new bbcode to XenForo: [picasa]. It will allow your members to display Picasa slideshows. Two methods are available:
  1. The traditional and a little complicated way with the RSS link
  2. The direct page URL ; your server will need to support cURL OR File_get_contents. For more information, just see the first option. This one will try to determine if you...
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cclaerhout updated Picasa BBcode with a new update entry:

2012/03/17: v.1.2 released

2012/03/17: v.1.2 released
  • Post Preview bug fixed
  • The bbcode will now work everywhere (thanks to a patch) BUT
    1. if it is used ouside the forum posts, it will only display a formated link.
    2. You need to edit one of the BBcode Manager File (library/KingK/BbCodeManager/BbCode/Formatter/base.php)

To update, upload files on server, import addon XML file AND edit the BBcode Manager File​

BBcode Manager...
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I am using your add-on to manage all my picasa gallery and image links and it is much easier to setup than the old method I was using on my phpBB forum. There is one thing I would like to fix and that is to stop the [picasa]url here[/picasa] showing up on the thread pop-ups. I am in the habit of linking a gallery to the top of a thread before any text and so they always show up. Not a disaster but it would be great to be able to hide it.
Sorry I wasn't describing it very well I should have used the word 'tooltip' and not pop-up. When you hover over a thread that contains a picasa BBcode at the very beginning of a post (or anywhere in the preview text) it shows up in full: [picasa]somepicasaurl/user/album/etc[/picasa]
Preview text here...

Is it possible to have that displayed in some other way or hidden altogether?


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It's the normal behaviour for bbcodes ^^ It's possible to hide it, I've done it with premium bbcodes, but it's quite complicated... For sensitive data, I understand, for a slideshow, well... ^^
But if the url is sensitive and you want to hide it, you can still wrap your slideshow inside a premium bbcode ;)
It wasn't from a privacy viewpoint – I am stickler for detail and it simply spoils the aesthetics, but there are more important things to worry about :) I can either live with it or more likely place the picasa BBcode further down the post. Thanks for the input!