Fixed Phrases with wrong version_id


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Because of

This is IMO a RM bug.
RM has: version_string="1.0.0" version_id="1000070"
The phrases which where copied from xenforo has a version_id which is > then the current RM version_id


This workaround also doesn't work.
Steps to reproduce

Install an fresh xenforo 1.1.4
Install RM 1.0.0
Create a new language
Search for "please_enter_valid_version" in the new language
Only save this phrase, change it, use something new ...
Take a look into Outdated Phrases
Each time someone customizes/translates the phrase, the phrase gets the wrong version_id and it will always* be shown in the outdated phrases because the id is > then the current RM version_id.

* at least as long the RM version_id is smaller then 1010270