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[Phrase] sorry_dave

Discussion in 'General XenForo Discussion and Feedback' started by soloarquitectura, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. soloarquitectura

    soloarquitectura Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.


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  2. Andy Huang

    Andy Huang Well-Known Member

    Nice find :D
  3. anotheralias

    anotheralias Well-Known Member

    I never noticed before how much that voice sounds like Ben on Lost.
  4. soloarquitectura

    soloarquitectura Well-Known Member

    No, Ben sounds like HAL 9000! ;)
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  5. SneakyDave

    SneakyDave Well-Known Member

    I thought it was talking to me!
  6. Indigo

    Indigo Active Member

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  7. dutchbb

    dutchbb Well-Known Member

    Just found it too, funny, I like it when they put things like that in the phrases :)

    There were a few in vBulletin 3.x too, but I forgot what they were.
  8. Sador

    Sador Well-Known Member

    Try using inline moderation to move a topic to the forum it's already in. :p

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  9. Marcus

    Marcus Well-Known Member

    Just found this phrase sorry_dave , too :)
  10. The Dark Wizard

    The Dark Wizard Well-Known Member

    I just found this too :D!
  11. Marcus

    Marcus Well-Known Member

    searching for the copyright? :D
  12. Luxus

    Luxus Well-Known Member

    I just discovered this phrase myself. You can trigger it with attempting to apply the spam cleaner on your self (if you are a mod).


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