XF 1.1 phrase for "Useful Searches / recent_threads" missing


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I just discovered that I am missing a phrase on my Forum somehow.
I have searched the phrases, but I could not find the Phrase for this text. I also did not change any Phrase related to this.... :confused:

Could you please help me to figure where to find the Phrase or template in order to use the default text for this "recent_threads" ?

I am still on XF-version 1.1.1


Appreciate your help!

Definitely exists by default.

I would inspect your Admin Log as the likelihood is the phrase was deleted.

Another possibility is that it was accidentally associated with an add-on which has since been uninstalled.

I'm trying to figure out what would happen if an add-on added a phrase with the same name ... whether it would overwrite the existing one.
I searched for this phrase, but it is not available in my install anymore.

How do I "re-enter" this phrase ?

But you are right... it seems to be an Add-on issue.... as the phrase is available at my other forums......

The only add-on I just installed (and is the only difference) is your "Membercard Privacy"... :eek:
Rebuild Master Data will rebuild the master language, style etc.

Your Default Style, Default Language, and additional styles and languages should be unaffected.
is there any way to just rebuild the master language ?

I am a bit afraid of rebuilding everything and loose some of my other customizations like style, etc.
If you enable debug mode, you can just add the phrase to the master language.

Admin CP > Appearance > Phrases > Language: Master Language > Create New Phrase > Title: recent_threads / Phrase text: Recent Threads

You would only lose customisations you've made to the Master Style and Master Language if you Rebuilt Master Data. You can only edit these with Debug mode switched on.
is there something like the "file health check" for Phrases, in order to see if all the "Phrases" are in fact available in the system or to show which "Phrases" are missing ?

Also, is there any way to see which phrases have been translated (if your language is other than english) and which phrases are not yet translated ?
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