XF 1.1 phpbb import to Xenforo

We have a new board that has only been up for a month or so and are moving to xenforo because the interface is so much cleaner.
However for some reason despite following instructions and much research we cant get the phpbb database to import correctly.
I have got past the avatar directory not found issues and the like but keep getting errors and cant get any thing imported.
I am looking either for some help or to pay someone to do it for us.
The board is currently very small with only 70 or so users and 10k posts.
Any help appreciated
Error 500, i have tried resetting permissions and the like.
Its doing my head in.
Right now I am ripping the install out completely and going to start from scratch, its probably a basic.
The only thing is that we did some edits to the look of the forum and i am worried we will lose those


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What was the problem, for future reference?

500 errors are very generic so typically you would need to look at the server error logs.